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funny video Better Than Hair; Hair Loss Solution
Dr. Gerson's Better Than Hair hair-loss solution doesn't try to regrow your hair because your hair isn't the issue.
2:08 minutes /

Hi, my name is Tim and for the most part I wrote, directed, and edited everything here when I was trying to be an entertainment industry type sort of mister person. But that's over now and frankly life is sweeter for it. The only comedy-type thing I do now is make stupid jokes on twitter, so follow me and tell me how great I am.

funny video The Puppet
Politics! Intrigue! Espionage! You're going to want your own puppet after watching this.
4:56 minutes /
funny video CATFUC
Episode 1: Semen

CATFUC is like the FBI, homeland security, CIA, coast-guard and cops all rolled into one. This episode: There's a crime scene, so where's the semen?
2:50 /
funny video Men of Action
These men are MEN OF ACTION. !!! WARNING !!! Will blow your ass out!
4:55 minutes /
funny video CATFUC
Episode 2: Sexy Morgue

Examining the bodies leads to a major discovery: This is one terrible coroner.
4:30 minutes /
funny video Smoke Cops
Police work is a tough job. You have to look at dead bodies and smoke all the time. These guys are up to it.
4:47 minutes /
funny video CATFUC
Episode 3: Who's In Charge?

The mission is clear. Who's in charge totally isn't clear.
2:07 minutes /
funny video Butterman
Oh the burden of one's dreams! A man and his cow, his butter, and the consequences of obsession. [There are two versions of Butterman. This is the better version.]
5:00 minutes /
funny video CATFUC
Episode 4: The Bulleting!

Pow! Bang! Pow! Lots of people die, but for what? Seriously, I'm asking.
2:29 /
funny video Balls
It's one and a half minutes long. It's called "Balls."
1:40 minutes /
funny video The Sonofabitch
Pilot episode of an awesome show about a plumber who gets all superhero-y when his disembodied mother nags him. Don't believe me? Watch it and get awesomed.
4:57 minutes /
funny video Butterman (v1)
This is the first version of Butterman. It's pretty cool, too. I love the cow confrontation scene.
16MB QuickTime Movie
funny video Bomb Defusers
Guess what these guys do for a living...groom dogs! Ha, ha, no. They defuse bombs. [btw, I know the title sequence says "Diffusers". That was a long time ago. I've moved on; you should too.]
5:00 minutes /
funny video Turned Around
I made this show while on vacation. Episode two coming soon. (Soon? It's been a year. OK, episode two coming someday in the indeterminate future)
16MB QuickTime Movie
funny video Jesus Smith & Lucifer Jones
Five minute Internet "TV pilot" that answers the question, "what would a 5 minute pilot about two guys named Jesus Smith and Lucifer Jones look like? "
5:04 minutes / 11MB QuickTime Movie
funny video Ghosthunter!
Some Guy Productions first film. First it was a feature, then it was a short, now it's just 4 years old, and hi-larious!
funny video Attack of the Sexy Zombies
A 14 minute short about, well, sexy zombies. Sexy zombies and all their crazy hijinks.

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