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Welcome to the heart of this matter. The reason for this website. I am a guerrilla filmmaker. I make films no one else will, or can, make. I make films of the paranormal. I regularly put myself in jeopardy to document suspected hauntings, demon possessions, and the like. It's possible you may have seen one of my films if you live in the Seattle area and have public-access cable.


  • Sir Isaac Humphrey was a career valet parking attendant.
  • He was knighted by the "Queen".
  • He died a number of months ago.
  • His former neighbors believe he has helped them parallel-park their cars.
  • His widow claims to have seen him herself.
  • I am an extremely determined individual and will capture this ghost on film.


  1. I am going to have proof of the existence of ghosts.
  2. I will become the foremost authority on the paranormal world.
  3. Therefore I will soon become a very important person, and the NGHA (National Ghost Hunters Association) will regret ever kicking me out of their ranks and sullying my reputation.
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