The joke has dried up.
Ghosthunter! was shot in the Summer of 1999 in about 10 days. It was written, produced, and directed by Tim Rosenstein who also appears as Isaac the filmmaker in the film. It was shot on a Canon XL-1 and edited on a Macintosh G3. In the film Isaac has a crew of five, those five people are the actual crew. There were only two other production crew members besides the five featured.

Ghosthunter! is Tim Rosenstein's first film. A 75 minute version screened at the Independent Feature Film Market in September 2000, that version may be available for viewing by request to the producers. The current version is a short that should be making the festival rounds soon. All distribution rights to the current version are available.

Photos of the Production
Abbreviated Cast and Crew List
DP Robert Jett Barkley "Lilian" Kay Thode
Production Sound Dino DiStefano The Ghost David Petticord
Gaffer Larry Madden "Jim" Malcolm Martinez
PA Jeff Skrump "Jenn" Rhyan Jones
PA/Camera Assist Martha Cargill "Susan" Betty Marshall
AD Yayoi Winfrey "Malcolm" Alex Gonzalez
Camera Assist Emily Bonneau "Mr. Martin" Joe Zavidil
Co-Editor/Assoc. Producer Vincent Ray Booth "Mr. Harris" Bill Snider
Special Thanks to:
Jennifer Marsh David Liatos, CPA Pacific Color, Inc. Glazers Camera Supply Zoe Heimdal